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I write songs, I sing them... I play the piano and a little bit of the guitar.. I've released 5 albums of music, I love the scent of freshly fallen rain and the scent of lavender on bedsheets. I would drink tea all day long if the caffeine didn't keep me up at night. I hate driving in L.A traffic. I would love to one day catch the squirrel that steals the plums from my tree and make him a pet. I don't watch TV anymore. My 3 year old daughter is more entertaining than any TV show could ever be :)

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Monday, October 31, 2005


We are all hanging by a thread...

I've played for many funerals over the course
of my years as a church pianist.
And I'm always struck by the things people remember
in the person being eulogised.
No one ever talks about the person's brand of clothes,
or car, or the type of make-up she/he wore.
Instead, most people focus on the stuff that endures...
people remember the kind deeds the person did for them...
the way they made them laugh...
the little quirks and idiosyncracies that made that person unique...

In the end, it's never about how big a house one built, or
how much money one made...
but it's about the friendships one cultivated...
the love one had for people...
it's about social currency, about the currency of the heart...
not the currency of finance.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Kitchen Confidential

It's almost magic.
Taking all these various ingredients, feeding them
fire and water, wave your magic spatula, sprinkle
a little water and voila!
You have your dinner.

I spent the past week pottering around,
following my mother-in-law in the kitchen,
taking notes and getting my hands dirty.

It was delightfully domestic in a way I had never
thought I would enjoy before.

I can now add Sweet and Sour Pork, Wood Mushrooms and Stewed Pork,
Dried Chilli and Ginger Chicken, 'Shao Bao' ie. roast pork buns
and Red Bean Buns to the list of recipes I know.

Now, to whip them up, without the watchful eye of my
mother-in-law...therein lies the challenge.

I think there is a song in here somewhere.