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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Making A Christmas Album

Kavin and Helik checking out the mix. Kokomo checks out the camera

Craig Macintyre and Eric Holden practicing the tracks. Kavin conducts the rehearsal.

Kavin "pro-tooling"

Kokomo and Helik

It takes a long time to make a record. There are the songs to choose, the music arrangements to discuss,the charts to write, the musicians to hire, the recording studio to book, the recording engineer to engage, the recording engineer's dog to cajole...(a vanilla gold sweet Labrador)...

It felt strange to be singing and recording Christmas Carols in September,
a full three months before the 25th of December. So I dug
through my mental drawer of memories and found a few I could
visually picture and sing to...

I remembered myself as the 8-year old, dressed in the red and white
uniform of the choir, standing with the rest of the kids in the choir
in the shopping mall (Daimaru in Singapore), singing "Joy to the World"
as loud as we could whilst the frazzled choir mistress valiantly
tried to get us to smile and 'impart the joy of Christmas'.

Then there was the other time, during my pre-university days, when we
would visit the old folks home, and the patients in the hospitals
and attempt to bring a smile to their faces with our acappella
renditions of Christmas carols. They probably wanted to sleep, the poor
things, and we were there to rouse them to good Christmas cheer.

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