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Monday, January 09, 2006

Hotel Cafe - 9th January 2006 "Don't Call Us Tori" 2nd Anniversary Show.

Hotel Cafe Gig - 9th January 2006 @ 9.30 p.m

Band: Craig Macintyre (drums), Eric Holden (bass), Adrienne Woods (cello), Corrinne May (piano)

Left to right performers: Corrinne May, Marina V, Shannon Hurley, Steve Leavitt, Kat Parsons and Sierra Swan.

Set List :
Little Superhero Girl (band)
Angel in Disguise (band)
Leaving (band)
Everything in its time (band)
Shelter (band)
Free (cello, pno)
Safe in a Crazy World (cello,pno)
The Birthday Song (band)
Mr. Beasley (band)

This was a show to celebrate the 2nd anniversary
of the Don't Call Us Tori
artist collective.

I had fun sharing the stage with the rest of the women from
the Don't Call Us Tori artist collective. Shannon Hurley,
Marina V, Sierra Swan and Kat Parsons all performed fantastic sets.

The Hotel Cafe is now really nicely renovated and much more comfortable
with it's expanded audience room and a stage that is more roomy
and is now a little raised from the ground.

It's always a little scary to preview a new song for the first time...
We played two new songs 'Shelter' and 'Leaving',
and I was happy that they were both well received.
Eric and Craig were fantastic as usual, and Adrienne was awesome too.

The show was also recorded for a future webcast

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