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Monday, July 30, 2007

Trip back to Singapore to receive the NUS Young Alumni Award [3rd July 2007 - 9th July 2007]

I can't believe how many times I've made
the long flight to Singapore from Los Angeles
this year...

Well, thank goodness for the non-stop flight
on Singapore Airlines from L.A to Singapore.
It definitely makes the long flight more

This time around, I flew back to receive
an award from my alma mater, the National
University of Singapore, an award for
being a 'Outstanding Young Alumni'.

According to the programme booklet that
was given to all attendees, "The Outstanding
Young Alumni Award recognises the achievements
and contributions of young alumni, aged 40
and below, who have distinguished themselves
nationally or internationally for their excellent
and sustained contributions and achievements
in their chosen fields, exemplified the best
attributes of youth in today's world, and rendered
excellent and sustained service to NUS or its
alumni community."

It is heartwarming to know that my alma
mater is proud of me for my contributions
in music :)

The awards dinner was held at the
Regent Hotel in Singapore and President
Nathan was the guest of honour and also
the recipient of the Eminent Alumni

I went to the event with my parents and
my two grandmothers. I believe Popo
and Mama were among the two most senior
guests there that evening, and it was
lovely to see them enjoy themselves.

Especially Mama, who was ecstatic to be
able to take a photograph with Singapore's
President Nathan.

we shared the table with Woon, an accountant
from Ernst and Young and also Viswa, who
is a veteran in the news media and who I remember
hosting the tv programme 'Feedback' some time

The dinner was delicious and I had the
'Steamed Cod Fillet with Yam, Golden Mushrooms,
Pumpkin and Chive Sauce'.

The moment soon came to receive the award
and I was proud to be able to receive it
with my fellow award recipients and especially
glad to meet up again with fellow award
recipient Ms. Eunice Olsen. The first
time we had met was when we were both
having teochew porridge at a HDB estate
and my mother had introduced us to each
other. It was a casual and yet delightfully
spur-of-the-moment meeting and it was nice
to be able to formally meet again in
the context of the alumni awards.

The other person I recognised who was also receiving
a young alumni award as well was Dr. Benedict
Tan. I remember seeing his picture in the papers
for he represented Singapore in numerous
international sailing regattas and had done Singapore

Parents and I

My performance for the evening was scheduled
as the last item during the event and as the theme
for the evening was 'recognising excellence', I
decided to sing "Little Superhero Girl" and
"Beautiful Seed" and I was happy that both songs
were well received.

It was also great to know that Alan, Eugene
and Daniel were working the soundboard for the evening.
They had helped with the sound for the February 2006
'Strings and Serenades' concert that I had at
the NUS, so it was nice to work with them again.

At the end of the evening, all the awardees
posed for a group photo and exchanged greetings
with each other. It was altogether a very
warm and fulfilling event.

3 generations of women in my family.

I was glad also to be in Singapore around that time for
my friend, Adrian Song's wedding.

It was great also
to be reunited, albeit briefly, with some of the members
of our former RJC chorale, PUNCH acapella group.

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Blogger Lt Tanya said...

Hi there.. i simply love your songs and enjoyed your latest album.. believe it or not i saw you at the wedding, well at the church.. but i didn't see you at the dinner.. but it was really cool to see you there cause i never went to a wedding where a famous person was there before.. very cool.. i wanted to take a photo with you but i was really nervous.. but it's okay cause i get to see you in person..
P.S i love your songs..loads..
-Tanya (^.^)

Friday, August 10, 2007 1:50:00 AM  

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