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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oct. 5th 2007 Genghis Cohen gig with Andrea Stolpe and Mike Shmidt


Thank goodness I got through my gig yesterday.
With a cold and all, I was feeling worried that my voice
would sound horrible, and that I would let down the people
who'd come to see me.
What was worse, I found out that a Music Connection reviewer was
going to be present to review our show and I feared that my cold
would cause the reviewer to give us a less than stellar review.

But thank goodness everything worked out o.k
The first few songs I sang were rough, but after sucking
on a lozenge, my throat felt better and it became a little
easier to sing and emote.

Quite a number of people came. Ryan from EBCLA and Talin, who'd
heard me on Pandora Radio, and some people from Singapore who
were in L.A for a holiday.

I was happy that Clinton and Darlene were there too. It was sweet
of them to come. I especially appreciated it because I was
feeling bad about being sick, and just knowing that there
were people supporting me, helped me out :)
And Kavin sweetly gave me a 'well done' hug. Awww....

We hung out later at Wokcano to have some sushi with Andrea, Jan,
Clinton and Darlene and Clinton mentioned that it took courage to put my weaknesses
out there for all to see. That affirmation from him truly gave me comfort.
Thank you Lord, for blessing me with friends who remind me
of your love and of your gifts to me.

Postscript : The music connection magazine review has been published and it's a lovely review. yay :)


Blogger ryan said...

hi corrinne!
for some reason my blog reader didn't show this updated until today...i did a double take because I thought you were writing about your November concert, and I thought, what other Ryan from EBCLA is there? we had a great time at this october concert--i was going to send an email but forgot. "Beautiful Seed" has been in my CD changer the whole time--I love the album design and especially like "Love Song" and "33". I sent the other copy I bought out to a friend in Boston and she loves it too. And believe it or not, "The Gift" hasn't come out of the changer since I got it last year! I love Christmas music all year time flies. thanks for introducing us to newer artists like andrea and mike...we met andrea at kulak's way back then and are so happy she finally has the album out. mike is also doing some great things. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 11:40:00 PM  

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