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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sept. 15th 2007 - Beautiful Seed CD release show in Los Angeles / AADAP 14th Annual Benefit Show at the Aratani.

15th September 2007 - AADAP 14th Annual Benefit Show at the Aratani.

Well, I'm having my concert this evening at the Aratani Theatre
in Los Angeles. I'm headlining the 14th Annual Benefit show
for the Asian American Drug Abuse Program.
Should be fun although I've been feeling a little
more stressed through these past few days. Lord, help me to leave
this day, with all its burdens and joys in your hands.


So the concert at the Aratani went well. We got there for sound check
around 2 p.m. The sound guy was nice and he got the levels we needed
pretty quickly.

Trying out an 'artsy' pose at the piano during sound check

Kavin at sound check

Craig testing out the kit

Eric looking cool

Andrew at soundcheck

Adrianne and her 'dragon' cello

Eric, Andrew, Kavin, Natasha and I had dinner later at a Japanese
restaurant across the street from the Aratani. The food took
such a long time to come. Poor Andrew waited for his food for at
least half an hour before it came. Kavin and I had the char siew ramen,
which was pretty good. The pork was nice and succulent. Eric had spicy
tuna and california rolls and Ntasha had some hot veg. salad and spring
rolls. The food was good. The service was tardy though.

Next up came meetings with Lincoln (videographer) and Nat (photographer).
After this, I went about doing my make-up and got changed.

'On Ensemble', a taiko drums ensemble were the first act to perform.
Following this, the AADAP (Asian American Drug Abuse Program) had their
presentations and Pastor Ken was presented with an award in appreciation
of his years of helping with the AADAP.

The band and I went on stage at 8.30 p.m. We had a good show
and the audience really loved our performance of 'Little Superhero Girl' :)
I was glad that, having had the experience of singing at the 1600 Esplanade
Concert Hall, singing for a 800-seater theatre audience was not as nerve-wrecking.







After the concert, I walked out to the foyer to sign autographs for the 'Beautiful Seed' cd. It was lovely to see Willy, Olivia and Grace, and many other fans
who had come out to support the release of 'Beautiful Seed' at the concert.
Clinton, Regina and Joe helped to sell the cds; bless their hearts :)


I posted the rest of the photos of the evening here.

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