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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MIDEM showcase in Cannes, France

Tuesday 29th January 2008
Cannes, Midem.

The 30 minute showcase went well. It was nice to meet a couple
of people who came up to say they really enjoyed the showcase
and some mentioned they were moved by the songs, so I was happy
about that.

Check out the photos from MIDEM.

We had supper later with Mike Matsushita and the rest from S2S
at Café Roma. It was great to see Mike again.
Eva, his wife had knitted him a nice blue scarf, so it was great
to see her handiwork too, even though she was not there in person.

After supper, we all went back to our hotels. Mike offered to walk
us back, but I figured that we would be able to find our way
back to the hotel with no problem, so we bade adieu to all and
walked back.

Well, we got lost along the way. It was about 2 a.m by this time
and we had been walking for a while without spotting the street
that we were looking for. The streets seemed deserted apart from
a couple of cars that drove by. Thankfully, a man with a MIDEM
tag was walking along the road going in the opposite direction
and so we asked him if he knew where the hotel was and he pointed
us in the right direction.

We chatted a bit in the minutes that followed and found out that he
happened to be from Canada, but he’d been to Singapore before.
We introduced ourselves and he looked pleasantly surprised,
and explained that he had my album because a friend had given
it to him. Wow… what are the odds. Talk about a chance meeting.

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