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Friday, January 18, 2008

Travelling to San Francisco for the 'Walk For Life' 2008

18th January 2008

Finally set out at 1.45 p.m this afternoon
for San Francisco.
Stopped by Nippon Ramen for some Miso Ramen
for lunch. It tasted better than I remembered it.
Also stopped by Peets to get a Darjeeling Kalimpong
to go. It felt so good to sip it in the car, with
the sunroof open and the wind breezing through.

The 405N was pretty packed from after the 118
split, so I decided to take the surface roads
and reconnect later with the 5.

Bessie (the name I give my car)
led me through SF Mission blvd.
to Rinaldi, to the winding roads going
uphill on Woodley.
Woodley turned into Balboa Blvd, then
to Foothill Blvd. and I soon filtered
into the 5.

The ride was surprisingly smooth going
up north. I guess it was a blessing in disguise
that I left the house later than I intended.

The hills were beautiful, like the furry
paws of a labrador, or like hot cross
buns dusted with cocoa powder,
the setting, orange sun cast shadows deep
in the crevices of the hills that brought
out its terrain beautifully.

Wide open roads...

All throughout, I had my speakers
tuned in to EWTN, Catholic channel and

I listened to some programme on scripture
reflections on St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians,
Chp 4 verse 17-21, as the hosts were talking
about baptism and how it is a beginning,
not a graduation as some people think it is.

Also heard a programme on Patrick Madrid's
show where he talked with a listener
who was questioning Mary's role in Catholism
and whether catholics were biblical in their
doctrines concerning Mary. Quite interesting.
It inspires me to blog about Mary and what the bible
says about Mary in a future post

Also heard him talking about distance
learning ,eg. Catholic Distance University
being one, and a website, ie. ?
'what does the prayer really say' weblog
on latin prayer translations,.

Anyway, I reached caught the tail end of the interfaith
prayer service at the Cathedral of St. Mary's.
There were some people at a reception and as I scanned
the strange unfamiliar faces, I found myself
asking Him if there was anyone he wanted
me to meet.

All the same, I was starving,
So I made my way to Whole Foods market
on 1765 California Ave. and got white bean with
turkey chilli, garlic mashed potatoes
and a leg of rotiserrie chicken from the hot
food bar. Too bad there wasn't much of a selection
there. after all, it was already about
9.25 p.m by the time I got there.

There was a Peets there too! But it was closed. Sob.

Anyway, it's getting late, so I'm turning in.
This hotel is lovely. yeah.


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