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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Performance at Peets Coffee and Tea in Tarzana, CA

It was a lovely evening at the Peets Tea and Coffee in Tarzana,CA
I had written most of the songs on the album 'Beautiful Seed'
whilst sipping a cup of Darjeeling tea at Peets, so it seemed fitting
that I'd be singing the very songs I wrote at the place where
they had their creative birth :) Thanks to David, the store
manager for inviting me to sing :)

Ann and her aid Toni were already there, waiting for Kavin and I to arrive.
They had taken the bus from North Hills,CA and Ann was wearing a
little trinket that had frosty the snowman blinking from a necklace
and Toni had a similar one with Santa Claus. That was super cute to
see :)

We also met Steve and Glenn whose friend Gary had told them to
come and hear me sing :)

It was also great to see Phil again, who was there with his
girlfriend Audrey and his father. We had last met in Chicago,
so I was surprised to see him in L.A. Just so happens he's back
to visit family for the hols. He's still got about 2 more
years to go in his medical studies Madison, Wisconsin.

Also present were Angeline and her friend. She was visiting
L.A from Singapore and they would be heading to Vegas for a side
trip before she returned to Singapore. It was nice to hear
the familiar Singapore accent again :)

Lan, a lady of Vietnamese descent who lives in Germany
and her friend from Korea were also present.

Duc from church was there too with his daughters Vivian and Alisha,
so it was fun to sing 'Little Superhero Girl' for them :)

Eddie who used to be part of the Peets team in Tarzana,
and his brother Eric were there. I hadn't seen
Eddie in a couple of months, so it was great to see
him again and I'm glad that he managed to catch the show.

Beau and his girlfriend Dana were there and I was pleasantly
surprised to know that we shared a common friend, ie.
Jonathan Bowerman who happened to be their tai-chi teacher's

I also met Larry Kent who interestingly enough
used to sing with The Carpenters! wow.... that's
amazing to meet someone who used to tour with them.
It's such a small world.

Alana who usually works behind the counter at Peets
was there too and I thanked her for coming :)

And it was great to chat with Jack too. Hadn't seen
him in a while. He looked nice and festive in a red
jump-suit. Always nice to catch a familiar face :)

Altogether I had such a fun time singing tonight.
I also sang some Christmas carols, and almost forgot
the words to the Birthday Song (and had to look
at my lyrics! embarrasing) but the
audience was sweet enough to let me start the song over
and it was good to wish Eddie and Lan 'Happy Birthday' with the song.
Surprisingly enough, they both shared the same
birthday, ie. December the 20th! And they had just
met tonight :) Talk about coincidence.

It was good also to test out my new sound system.
I really enjoyed using it. I'd just bought it
a few weeks ago and it's working out pretty well. Yay :)
Kavin was also really sweet to help out with the setting
up and disassembly of the sound system, and with taking
pictures and video. So glad he was there to help :)

After my set, Mark Fossom, a guitarist-singer
did a lovely set. His guitar sounds so clean and pure
when he plays it. I'm going to check out his myspace page.

Kavin and I had dinner at Nippon Ramen later
with Olivia and Grace. Yummy Negi Ramen and
Curry Rice. yum.

Song-list : not in order

Angel in Disguise
In The Bleak Midwinter
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Little Superhero Girl
Fly Away
Close to You
Mr. Beasley
The Birthday Song
Safe in A Crazy World
Five Loaves and Two Fishes
City of Angels
Shelter (Cherry Blossom Edition)


Blogger Ben_Shirl_Nathaniel said...

A lovely song you sang and posted! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Ben

Saturday, December 29, 2007 8:40:00 AM  
Blogger Raymond Frost said...

wonderfully made video, just perfect. The singing was special, and also the camera very poignant. I hope you will come to sing in San Francisco. I saw your posting on the Walk for Life and was so impressed. God bless you.

Friday, February 29, 2008 5:06:00 PM  
Anonymous BJ Borkowski said...

It's awesome that you blogged this! We really need to get you back into the store for another performance... Come see me or cary...


Friday, May 16, 2008 10:14:00 PM  

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