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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sept 19th-21st 2007- Around the World - Stage 2 : Singapore to Montreal for the CAAS event at the ICAO in Montreal.

Sitting at the airport lounge in Frankfurt in transit while waiting to head on to New York. We've flown about 12 and a half hours from Singapore to get here.

The snack bar has cups of stick pretzels, peanuts, german beer with brands such as 'Bitburger', Krombacher, 'After 8' chocolates,Pepsi-Cola in glass bottles,
rolls with butter, Quint brand cream cheese, Langnese brand honey (or honig),
Hag instant coffee and juice in carafes sitting in the fridge.


Got to NY JFK on time at 12 p.m and thankfully, SIA had someone there to assist us in catching our flight to Montreal. We had been most worried about the transition flight from New York to Montreal, so it was a relief that everything went smoothly.

We got to Montreal around 3 p.m and Tony, the driver was there to greet us
and ferry us from the Montreal International Airport to the hotel
where we checked in, had a quick shower, changed, put on make-up and went straight to soundcheck.

Soundcheck took a little longer than expected, but by the time we ended at about 6 p.m, it was o.k. It was great to see Eric, Craig and Andrew again.
They had flown in from L.A to join us in Montreal for the performance.

By 7.15 p.m, we were all in the 'Green Room', which was one of the meeting
rooms in the building. All of us musicians were pretty hungry by then, so
it was good that the organisers sent a couple of platters of food for us
to have in the room. There was lobster, satay, crab, spring rolls, curry lamb....yum.

The food platter in the Green Room. Yummy.

Andrew and Craig at the Green Room before the show

There was a jazz trio from Montreal on before us, and by the time we played
our first set, it was 8.15 p.m. The first set went well. There were people
milling around, mostly delegates in suits, drinking wine, eating finger foods
and chatting. Swarms of women dressed in SIA sarong kebayas were helping
to serve the food. The stage background had the picture of the Esplanade and Marina Bay as a backdrop, so that was a nice touch of home, albeit thousands of miles away.

Our second set was at 9 p.m and it went well and all of us had
a great time performing.

The performance with the band in Montreal.

Group photos with the Ministers, delegates and organisers at the event in Montreal.

Eric Holden, Kavin Hoo, Corrinne May, Craig Macintyre and Andrew Doolittle after the show in Montreal.

The next morning, we caught a plane to Japan for the start of our
Japanese promotional tour in support of the release of the 'Beautiful Seed'
album. Whew.....


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