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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lyon, France - (Day 1)- 31st January 2008

Thursday 31st January 2008 - Lyon, France

We had a Nice speciality, Socca (ie. 'pancakes' made out of chick
pea flour, water and extra virgin olive oil) for breakfast.
It was delicious.


Then we checked out of the hotel and
took the tram-bus to the train station to catch the
TGV (fast train) to Lyon. After getting our tickets,
I walked to the nearby Chinese restaurant to order
some take-out food to take along for our train ride to Lyon.

I was surprised at how the food is served differently here in
Chinese take-out places. The food is kept in chilled displays,
instead of heated displays here in the states and in Singapore)
then when the customer orders it, it is heated up, and the
plastic container is placed in a machine which seals the
container shut with a layer of plastic wrap. Interesting.
It’s also interesting to see how the ethnically Chinese people
here speak French as their first language.
I guess it would be just as interesting for a Chinese
from China to hear me speak English.

The train station

Views from the train window, while on the way to Lyon


We got into Lyon after about two hours on the train and took the metro
into old town Lyon or as the French call it, ‘Vieux Lyon’.


With its cobblestone streets, it looked very quaint and pretty.
High up on the hill, stood a beautifully lit church. We did not know it then,
but we found out that the church was the Basilique of Notre-Dame de Fourviere.


We also passed by the St. John the Baptist Cathedral before making
the absolutely horrendous decision to lug our suitcases up a horribly
long flight of stairs, mistakenly thinking that it was the shortest route
to the Villa Florentine hotel where we’d be staying.

We almost died dragging and carrying those heavy suitcases up those steps. lol.
Must have been at least 300 steps up that steep hill. Along the way, a man
walking up the stairs seemingly took pity on us, helping me carry my
suitcase up one flight of steps.

Kavin taking a break from carrying luggage up the stairs

The staircase from hell...

After a whole lot of huffing and puffing, we finally got to Villa Florentine.
The room was gorgeous with a view that overlooked Lyon.



View of St. John the baptist Cathedral and the rest of Lyon


The hotel's pool and grounds

It was soon time for dinner and we met up with Andrew and the rest from
New Asia as they had also made their way up to Lyon from Midem in Cannes.
Andrew and the rest picked Kavin and I up from the hotel and after a little
merry-go-round to find the restaurant, we finally found our way to Le Nord,
one of chef Paul Bocuse's 4 brasseries in Lyon, for dinner.


I had a French onion soup for a starter and the main course was veal
coated with breadcrumbs, gratin potatoes and for dessert, meringue ice-cream
and fruit. Kavin had white basmati rice and chicken and he had a
sausage in bread for a starter.

The menu at Le Nord

Kavin with his starter of saucisson bread

My starter of a French Onion soup

Kavin's main course of basmati rice and chicken

Veal and gratin potatoes for my main course

Victor and Joe

Andrew and Joe's godsister Mala.

Joe and Mala

Through the drinking glass.

couldn't resist playing with the drinking glass.

Glorious dessert


Jessica and I

Good company and good food.

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Kavin looked so cute through the drinking glass!!! :D

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