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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Food makes the world go round

My mum, buying vegetables from a wet market in Singapore

Spices in a spice shop in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market

A variety of food at the Reading Terminal Market

Amish Apple Dumplings

I love going to the market. Be it a neighbourhood farmer's market in Singapore like Tekka Market, the Pike Place Market in Seattle or the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles on 3rd and Fairfax, I love the way that cultures, spices and scents mix and mingle in a heady tapestry...

Growing up in Singapore, I often heard Indian hawkers speaking in Chinese dialects, or Chinese hawkers touting their wares in Malay. I love the fusion that ensues in multi-cultural Singapore.

Even here in Los Angeles, I've picked up a couple of choice greetings in Spanish, I've acquired a taste for tamales and tacos, buy pastries from a Iranian pastry shop, and have a bowl of Japanese Ramen noodles every now and then.

I was in Philadelphia last year, and I made it a point to visit the Reading Terminal Market. I was delighted by what I saw : Amish apple pie, European crepes, Indian Paneer, Cajun catfish...

And the list of shops read like a United Nations of Food : Sang Kee Peking Duck, Spatoro's Cheesesteak, Lancaster County Dairy, Dutch Eating place, Kamal's Middle Easter Specialities, Profi's Creperia, Nanee's Kitchen (Indian Food), Little Thai Market, Le Bus Bakery.

I wandered and let myself be led where my senses took me and ended up in a spice shop where I found Sweet Hungarian Paprika, Turkish Apricots, Garam Masala, Apple Pie Spice, Taco Seasoning, Agar-Agar Powder (swallow Globe Brand), Worcestershire Sauce, African Red Pepper Mombosa, Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossoms, Sulawesi Toraja, all sitting together comfortably on the shelves.

This would be the ideal world, of shared food, shared smiles, all cultures and people in one nice warm brickhouse, coming together for food, conversation, commerce and laughter.

Maybe the United Nations should just get rid of their nice sterile building and opt to have their meetings in a farmer's market instead. :)



Blogger (cp)rachael said...

I LOVE this post! =) I share your sentiments about the whole multi cultural thing! Last september, I went for this international conference called Lausanne Younger Leader's Gathering which gathered delegates from over 180 countries! (though it was held in malaysia, i felt like i travelled the world!) It was the moST memorable experience of my life, worshipping daily with people whom i may never meet again but whose friendships are still being preserved today...Yeah that was really something. And you know what Corrinne? When we return "Home", that's what will happen...=) like the ULTIMATE market experience man...minus the stinky fish whiff of course! ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 9:31:00 PM  
Blogger Litong said...

Hey corrinne! I love your songs! They are peaceful and serene. This post really made me think about how lucky we are, able to live in such a beautiful world. All the best!

Friday, April 27, 2007 9:09:00 PM  

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