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Friday, December 21, 2007

November 3rd 2007 - Songwriters-in-the-round with Kyler England and Andrea Stolpe at Genghis Cohen in LA

3rd November 2007, Sat. 12.40 p.m

Had a good gig last night with Andrea and Kyler
at Genghis Cohen. We started at 7.45 and ended
around 8.55 p.m. Sang about 5 songs each.
I sang Shelter, Scars, 5 loaves, Love song
and Slow Down. It was lovely to sing with
them and we sang a bit of background vocals
on each others' songs.
It felt like a nice sisterhood kind of thing, as
we were all singing about relationships and life,
like some musical Oprah show.

Kyler's voice still sounds amazing even though she says
her voice is hurting. Andrea sang 2 new songs and
her song about a couple growing old together was
really nice and got me a bit teary.

Lucy was there with her friend and there were
a couple from Singapore there, Adrian and his wife
Ping and their son Lucius.

I hung out with Andrea later at Canters.
It was so nice to talk with her, to swop stories
of frustration and hope in the music industry.


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